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As many of you know or not...hopefully.

I highly  dislike if not hate feminism or atleast what modern feminism is today , wish is basically an army of whiny little girls on tumblr or batshit crazy women using feminism as a vehicle to spread their wonderful message of hating absolutely everything that has to do with a vagina and a man enjoying such vagina.

This are Men and Women that use the word "misoginy" and "patriarchy" so often that they cannot end a single sentence without saying it 12 times and entering in a state of complete rage when a man DARES to draw a sexually attractive female or DARES to like a girl that takes care of herself and its not an uggly, smelly ,mess and before you get mad, im not talking about physique or anything like that because I DO NOT hate  chubby or girls with unique features or body types or whatever.

What im saying is that there are  feminists litterally saying that having a personality and brushing your teeth and general hygiene and basic sex appeal is sexist
I wish i was making this stuff up. 

And i know that many people are gonna say im a misogynist because i like chicks with big tits and huge butts 
Misony is not some fat nerd drawing a girl with big tits and i accept that It might be tasteless or even gross at best but NOT even CLOSE to misoginy.

Misony is a girl in the middle east that can't learn to read because she would get shot in the head or stoned to death.
Misony is a man or a woman beating the living crap out of his wife or girlfriend and laughing while she vomits  her own blood.
Misony is a little girl in Africa that gets her Clitoris cut off with a rusty razorblade because according to their culture a woman feeling pleasure during sex is disgusting. 
Misony is a woman that goes to get a job and gets laughed at because she happens to be a girl.

So before you people give Anita Sarkesian another hundred thousand dollars for her newest "documentary" on
"why women are garbage according to gamers" or the newest feminist rally against anyone white and straight

Because according to feminists if you are white and straight... 
Congratulations you are officially the second coming of satan...for some reason...I have no idea and i really dont care to find out. 

And i know all of this sounds retarded and something a dumb 12 year old will made up but...This is litterally all i have seen coming from feminists..Like this is it people....This is as far as i have seen so far. 

It has come to the point that im not even mad anymore.
I am goddamn DESPERATE to find a single feminist that proves me wrong and that feminism is not a bunch of crazy women that hate on sexually attractive females and anything related with men enjoying such things.

And the worst part is that I CARE about this
Because i mostly draw females and i love women more than you can possibly imagine 
And i accept it you know 
I have drawn many things that im not proud off. 
But hell you gotta learn and i have learned...kinda...Im still learning...Im working on it.
And even tho its hard to adapt ,I really want to start drawing some badass females and not like a chick that looks a truck and her biggest personality trope is kicking men in the balls because 8 times out of 10 that will probably suck



Christopher Campbell
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Costa Rica
Born and raised in the beautiful nation of Costa Rica.

I started drawing when i was 13 in a sunny saturday inspired by Avatar the last Airbender and i haven't stopped ever since, It has been a long journey but as i always say ,Its alll about making your vision a reality.

I just hope you can enjoy my gallery and that somehow i can inspire you in any way shape or form.……

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I have always loved the mystery and the sexyness you do a great job.

thanks for passing by.  
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