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Now its kinda funny and i hate to poke on this stuff again 

But i like to rant and i gotta fill this journal thingy with something new and  we all knew that sooner or later i was gonna complain about feminists again 
So at this point i just gotta come to terms with it and keep pointlessly complaining about this until i finally get over it. 

But anyways 
Whats the deal with feminists yapping about strong female characters? 
Because they don't want em and they don't see the ones that already exist and yet they keep complaining about them. 

Now let me level with you all since i know some of you are confused in the statement that i just made. 
"Wait, you are saying that Feminists DON'T want strong female characters....HOW IS THAT POSIBLE???"

I know that's an extreme statement that has to be backed by an equally extreme argument. 

So let me put you all an example so you can all level with me in this. 

What if i told you all right now that in order to make a strong female character it can ONLY be a girl with huge boobs carrying a giant sword. 
Thats an idiotic statement and it will it be right if you flamed me to shreds for that one.

But what if i told you instead, that in order to make a strong female character it has to be a fat,non white girl completely void of femininity girl that has the personality and sex appeal of a rock covered in mud. 
that on kicks guys in the balls that has to scream "GURL POWAAA¡" every two minutes. 

Now that's an idiotic statement as well and from here i go to the point of this rant. 


Now im not gonna get on the high horse and pretend im better than everyone else or SPECIALLY when it comes to creating girls but jesus christ i just have to say it ,its the damn truth
There is no fucking winning with this people. 

And just remember that this is the people that are gaining the vocal majority in almost everything right now 
Comics ,videogames you name it. 
This people cry about something and everyone bends over to help them "fight da patriarche" and takes down whatever they want.  

If a girl is too skinny then its misogyny 
If she is too buff then its some disgusting fetish
If she is too girly then its enforcing gender stereotypes. 
If she lets a man save her then its EVIL and oppressive. 
If a girl is too white then its racist and she is black she is racist too. 
If she has any sort of sex appeal then its misoginy too. 

I have tried to see the good side of feminism so many times but i fail every time. 
And i just try to lie to myself that this is not a group of batshit crazy man hating cunts but then i see something that kills my faith in them yet again..and again..and again. 

This people want to create a list of special Goddamn rules to create what they call a "strong female character" and if you don't follow them they will rain down upon you with hatred.
So closing all this damn rant i will like to welcome you all

To screw whatever feminists say about creating female characters and do whatever the hell you please.
Make her tits as big you want and make her armor as small or big as you please just NEVER bend to whatever this yapping puritan cunts say its ok to make. 

I guess im mad because of the never ending moaning about random female characters in video games or comics showing tits or whatever and this cunts coming to censor it because they got pissy when they saw a boob and now their pretending to represent ALL women in trying to censor some fucking video game character just because boys like it and it hurts their feelings. 

I swear to God there is no bigger group of people that HATE the idea of sexy women or women at all more than feminists do. 
They want to cheat and destroy anything outside their narrow view. 


And its not like i don't get it. 
But stupid feminists are becoming the vocal majority every damn time and this people have butt loads of political and social power. 
Because when this people flip and they can make you look like the second coming of Satan.


In other news concerning something that actually matters...kinda...MISS TIA IS GONNA BE MY TOOL OF CHAOS. 

Im drawing more Tia 
And it kinda ties to this because i wanna use Tia as a way to rub it in to this whole retarded feminist idea that a strong female character has to have ZERO sex appeal and has to be a compleltely non dependant of Anyone at all and just use her vagina pwoers to kill her enemies or....something(I dont read feminists stuff since it all ends with kill all men or something, so i don't care.)
Since we all know Tia has ALL OF IT. 
And i actually wanna make her more of a badass and try to give her some personality besides me posing her naked or something. 

And there will be sexy time with her boyfriend...but that's a whole new journal where i explain that in detail...Im working on that. 


Christopher Campbell
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Costa Rica
Born and raised in the beautiful nation of Costa Rica.

I started drawing when i was 13 in a sunny saturday inspired by Avatar the last Airbender and i haven't stopped ever since, It has been a long journey but as i always say ,Its alll about making your vision a reality.

I just hope you can enjoy my gallery and that somehow i can inspire you in any way shape or form.……

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